Argon-arc welding universal mills for welding of tube billet from copper and copper alloys, steel, aluminum

These mills are intended for manufacturing of the tubes by method of continuous casting and argon-arc welding by tungsten electrode of thin-walled tube billet rolled up in coils with following drawing at drum type mills without intermediate annealing between passes. Diameter of finished tubes is from 2 up to 20 mm with wall thickness from 0.15 up to 0.8 mm.

Technical features of argon-arc welding mills

Technical characteristics 5...25-1 М 5...25-1 К
Material of welded tubes:
Grades of copper М1Р, М2Р, М3Р
Grades of brass Л63, Л68, Л80, Л96
Aluminum alloys АМг3, АМг5
Initial band:
Thickness, mm 0,4...1,2
Width, mm 14,4...77,2
Welded tube billet:
Diameter, mm (d) 5...25
Wall thickness, mm (t) 0,4...1,2
Coil diameter, mm (D) 1500...1800
Coil weight, max, kg 120
Ratio d/t 12,5<(d/t)<30
Welding speed, m/min 3...12 3...15
Mill capacity with three operation shifts for medium tubes size, t/year
16x0,55 - from Cu and its alloys 360 420
10x0,5 - from Al and its alloys 50
Total power of electric drives, kW 7,8
Argon consumption, l/min 7...20
Water consumption, m3/hour 3,3
Mill weight, t 9,4 9,7
Mill dimensions, m 10,0х4,0х2,0