Cold pilger mills for rolling of round bar.

"Institute Tsvetmetobrabotka" develops and manufactures an universal cold pilger mills that are capable to produce round bar besides regular tubes.

The main application area of cold-deformed round bars produced using pilger process is nuclear industry.

High technological maneuverability that allows to produce different type of products using single mill is achieved by using of special charging section design being a "know-how" of the Institute.

Main units design features of cold pilger mills for rolling of tubes and round bars

Arrangement. Under the terms of technology the mills are developed in one of two ways:

  • butt-end charging with two shell chucks and with two rod chucks, outside diameter shell clamping.

    Such arrangement provides continuous operation of the mill without stops for shell charging. Continuous rolling process ensures consistent quality of tubes and bars, as well as productivity increasing.

  • butt-end charging, abutting to shell butt-end.

    Such arrangement requires mill stop for shell charging, however it allows to operate the mill under significant axial forces appearing when rolling of tubes with OD > 100 mm.

Technological rolling scheme. The basic variant of the tubes and bars rolling technological scheme is double turn and double feed with rolling under forward and backward stroke.
Under some technological conditions it is possible to use technological rolling scheme with excepting of deformation under backward stroke of working stand.

Working stand. Working stand of the mill is developed in one of three types:

  • movable forced housing with one-way rack drive of rolls rotation (DUO);
  • stationary forced housing and movable roll cassette with working and support rolls (QUARTO);
  • movable forced housing and movable roll cassette with lever-type synchronization.

Working stand travel drive. Working stand travel drive is made of planetary-crank type with rectilinear motion of crank with rotating-counterweight balancing of dynamic forces and moments system that allows to decrease energy consumption significantly during mill operation.