USSR State Awards

  • Rare metal products manufacturing technology development - S.S. Mironov, I.L. Rogel'berg, E.S. Shpichineckij
  • 1951
  • High purity metal production technology development -D.I. Lajner, S.S. Mironov
  • 1952
  • Continuous copper-based ingots casting technology development - V.A. Dankov
  • 1968
  • Development and introduction into the industry of a wide range of high-perfomance universal cold pilger mills with a new mechanisms set - I.I. Dobkin, F.S. Sejdaliev
  • 1970
  • Oxygen-free copper wire bars continuous casting technology developmennt and introduction into the industry - V.A. Dankov
  • 1983
  • Cost-effective rolled sections of copper and its alloys for electrical industry production technology development in the LPO "Krasnyj Vyborzhec" - A.M. Rytikov, G.N. Strahov, Ju.F. Shevakin
  • USSR Cabinet Awards

  • Project development and construction of the workshop for manufacturing of tubes of special alloys in Chepetsk Mechanical Plant - B.S. Ivanov
  • 1981
  • Project development and construction of the workshop for production of precision rolled stock of copper and its alloys in Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant - O.A. Avdjushkin, P.V. Bashilov, A.A. Belen'kij, Je.S. Gilis, A.I. Karcev
  • 1985
  • New products industrial production development - L.M. Ostrovskaja, M.I. Cypin
  • 1990
  • Development and introduction of cost-effective copper-based solders and technological processes that reduce the consumption of precious and rare non-ferrous metals as well as brazed joint constructions production labor intensity - L.M. Grabarnik, I.I. Il'ina, V.V. Kotov, V.P. Panov, N.N. Tutorskaja, V.N. Fedorov, V.M. Chub, A.V. Shherbedinskaja
  • Czechoslovakia State Award

  • Development and introduction of casting and rolling machine LPA-650 in "Kovogute Povrly" - A.V. Bushev, Ju.F. Shevakin
  • Russian Federation Government Award

  • Creation and development of technology for industrial production of precision copper and brass rolled stock for new designs of heat exchangers in the automotive and tractor industry - Ju.N. Rajkov, O.A. Avdjushkin, G.V. Ashihmin, A.K. Nikolaev